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Josh Dones

NRA Certified Instructor

Specializing in Hands On Training!

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2019 Concealed Carry Classes!

All classes are from 9 am to 5 pm unless otherwise stated.



Nov 24th

Dec 21st







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 Concealed Carry Classes

Taught by a NRA CERTIFIED Instructor 

Use Of Force Certified Instructor!


Meet Josh:


 I grew up competing in 4-H Shooting Sports at the age of 10 I was competing in rifle shotgun and muzzle loader. I've been in the shooting sports from trap, skeet, and sporting clays to IDPA, USPSA, as well as cowboy action (SASS). I now actively compete in Mounted Shooting. Some of my recent accomplishments in Mounted Shooting are 2017 CMSA Colorado Mens Level 3 Champions in pistol and rifle, 2017 CMSA Western United States National Mens Level 3 Champion with pistol and 2017 CMSA Eastern United States National Mens Level 3 Champion with pistol. I also teach classes on how to safely and effectively use firearms. I am a continual student of firearms and how to use them.


Since 2010 I've been certified through the NRA to teach rifle, pistol, home firearms safety, personal protection in the home and personal protection outside the home along with my concealed carry classes.


 I am also a Use Of Force certified instructor and I am currently a federally licensed firearm dealer.


For more about what we teach in our classes please click on the following link.

Front Range Concealed Carry Class you tube video.


Thank you,

Josh Dones





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